Family Firm

The other members of the company management team are his three sons and partners Fokke, Peter and Jan-Marten. However, these three young entrepeneurs are seldom to be found in suit and tie, because they're involved every day on the workfloor. Not a fillet leaves the premises without one of the Gnoddes having checked it. Talk about optimum quality control. The filleting and packaging process is in the capable hands of nephews, nieces and friends of the Gnodde family. Each and every one is truly committed to the company. On the other hand, the Gnodde family truly care about their personnel and therefore provide them with ideal working conditions. In Urk, they really enjoy working for Top Fish.

New premises

Since 2001, Top Fish has been operating from new premises at Breehorn on the new industrial estate in Urk. The building meets the most stringent requirements in terms of quality and hygiene. It speaks for itself that Top Fish is HACCP certified. The Fish is hand filleted by professionals filleters who were all trained within the company. On average, three or four new trainees join the close knit team of filleters each summer. These Top Fish profs cut the fillet perfectly from the bone, nicely shaped, whether from flat or round fish. There's not a filleting machine invented which can match with their quality.